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Hi, I’m Laura...

…and I believe in producing high-quality work that fuels the engagement between organizations and their audience. My passion lies in the merger of education & technology.

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I make Web Applications

SOME OF THE AREAS of my expertise

I have lots of experience with:

About me
code-writing MONKEY, tech passionate, CAT LOVER...

Basically, I’m a nice person!

My passion is learning, and so is yours.

That doesn’t just mean learning in the traditional classroom sense – it also includes things like tutoring programs and cultural exploration things like [what am i including under the ‘learing’ umbrella? actual learning, ie schools and tutoring programs, but also cultural exploration things like restaurants and things]

By focusing on [so what – what does this mean specifically for the customer?]

[put some affirmations and encouragement here]

In my spare time, I enjoy [put a little bit about my personal life here]

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